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No one is immune to poor diet and nutrition, and protection of your health really starts with what’s on your plate. Most people follow diets designed for the masses, despite the fact that each one of us is unique. For me it has never worked, so I had to build my own system around my specific circumstances. It worked – and more importantly has continued working ever since I started.

The reason I created Work Week Foodie is to inspire everyone to consistently eat and live a better, healthier lifestyle regardless of busy schedules and life challenges.

When my health deteriorated I realized I have only two choices. Either invest in my health now or I will be investing in (and paying a big price for) my illness later. I chose the first path and it has paid huge dividends my friend.

Hey! Nice to meet you! I'm Arek, founder of Work Week Foodie
Is it actually possible to eat well during the work week?


I create meal plans so you can cook healthy and tasty foods during the work week without sacrificing your time and life!  The number one priority is to stay consistent. Through my struggles and experimentation, I’ve found a solution!

Our Philosophy

If It’s Not Tasty, You Won’t Eat It!
If It Takes Too Much Time, You Won’t Make It!
If It’s Boring, You Won’t Do It!
If It’s Not A Habit, It Won’t Last!

Success Stories

Danny, 33


A father of two beautiful kids. Working in a sales corporate environment. Over the years it has taken a toll on my previously very active lifestyle. Though a very active gym goer and passionate about fitness for years, at age of only 33 I found myself in a desperate need for a change of lifestyle.

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