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My Story

How I struggled to find the way back to normal and fixed my health - one meal at a time.

What really matters

How many of you can say you really feel alive, happy and energetic? In our modern lives – which come with a whole lot of stress, pressure, and physically passive 9-to-5 office jobs in fast-paced corporations – results are what matter most. How easy it is for us to forget the most important asset of all. Health. We only realize its true value when it is either too late or illness has set in. This is exactly what happened to me.


During my childhood in Eastern Europe, there were not that many food choices available. But that really made things simpler and, as I can now see, clearly much healthier. We did not have processed foods nor soda pops. And most of all, home cooked meals were the norm. Yes, it was a bit tougher for our parents to feed us well. But what I clearly remember is that 100% of our meals were home cooked.  We were having soups, simple wholesome dishes instead of packaged food prepared by large corporations. Eating out was very rare.


Then came the 90s.  Revolution. A total change of political and economical systems. Suddenly everything became available. Coca Cola was not a treat anymore, but an everyday reality. Store shelves filled up with sugar and sweets we never even imagined existed. I vividly remember very long queues to the very first McDonald’s – people literally queuing for hundreds of meters. What happened from there was basically a replication of  all other Western snack food places and restaurants. We slowly outsourced our meals and cooking to corporations. And there we go. Our lives became saturated with this kind of convenience food that offered no real nutrition. Fast food, quick meals, always on the go. Quick in, quick out and no work involved. It went on and on and we started piling on the pounds.

Education and corporate ladder

After graduating from college, I went on to my very first jobs. Jobs in corporations, jobs where I spent most of the time typing on a keyboard. Then the cool lifestyle kicked in, spending time with customers trying hard to make the next sale. And while I was getting more successful, I was also gradually getting sicker, heavier, slower and tired. Always tired and sluggish. Most days passed without any real home cooked meals, and I was always overeating in the evening. I compensated for my moods with a bit of a drink. After all, didn’t they say red wine was healthy? How about beer? By the time I hit my 30s I had tried all, and I mean ALL the diets. You name it. When nothing worked I realized the answer was not finding the best diet, but really taking a close look at the content of my plate. And most of all where my food was coming from.


When I saw myself in this corporate video I knew it was the last call to wake up and change for real

Pharma-way or my way

During one of my annual medical tests, my doc, a leading Internal Disease Specialist, told me this. ‘Don’t worry. We will get rid of the high blood pressure, headaches, cholesterol and high pre-diabetic blood sugar levels.’ She gracefully handed me over prescriptions for all these drugs. She also said I would have to stay on them for the long term. So there I had in my hand the quick fix, the silver bullet, the pharma way to solve my problems.

Up the hill

In the end I did not chose the pharma way, even though some might believe it’s the easier path. I admit I have always been a bit of a contrarian. That’s a blessing and a curse. I picked the fight. I asked myself a question: if, at the age of thirty, I have to start popping pills and paying for them, shouldn’t I go ahead and at least try the traditional food and movement (AKA exercise) solution?

Real food, home made. Non-negotiable

Here I am now 6 years later, 20 kg lighter, running faster than ever before and feeling more like  a 20 something. Having a reasonable good life, free of diets. I love food like never before. I now understand that bodies are build in the kitchen, not in the gym. I am constantly experimenting in the kitchen. I built a food prep logistics system in my kitchen based on the concept I call ‘sustainable healthy plate’.  It follows three simple principles: taste, variety and simplicity.


It took me a full year to turn things around and recapture full control. Longer than I thought but this time in a long-term, sustainable way.

Mission: Love Your Food and Recapture The Control

I love my meals. Since my own major lifestyle and body transformation, for the very first time in my life I truly have control and mastery of my body and mind. All that without letting go of the favorite meals. I developed an assembly line meal planning system aligned with my specific and demanding life and work style. It has helped me to eat well consistently for years now. That keeps me healthy, energetic and very happy. And I have no intention to go back.

Not Boring, Not Bland, Definitely Not Tasteless. Not A Diet

‘No More Diets’ is my motto.  My meals are super tasty, colorful, fast and easy to prepare. I cook from ingredients available in most, if not all, grocery stores everywhere. No fancy items. I cook from stuff I have in my fridge. I see meals not individual ingredients.  I make sure it’s never boring and variety is top priority.  It has become a habit. Once this shift happens for you, you will never have to follow any diets. Ever again.

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