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Busting Myth 6: Whole grain bread is far better than white bread

Whole grain bread is claimed to be better than white bread because of its high fiber and micronutrient content. Plus, it has a lower glycemic index as well as insulin index, which means it results in lower insulin release after a meal.

All of this is true, but the media frequently fails to mention that the actual differences between white and whole wheat bread are relatively small. Whole wheat bread’s ‘high’ fiber content is not so high compared to fruits and vegetables. Even though many micronutrients are removed during the processing of white bread, many loaves are later fortified with additional nutrients.

One actual difference between wheat and white bread is the phytic acid content in wheat. Phytic acid binds to dietary mineral like iron and zinc, which can slightly reduce their absorption in the body. More importantly, phytic acid also has a protective and anti-inflammatory effect on the colon. So there’s a little bit of bad, and a little bit of good. Wheat and white bread still provide a similar number of calories, and both contain gluten and related proteins.

The Truth:

White and whole wheat bread are not that different. Though whole wheat bread is claimed to be healthier, neither contains a high level of micronutrients.

Source: Examine.com – an independent and unbiased source on nutrition and supplements

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