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You Ask, We Answer

Our aim is to help you create a strong habit of eating healthy delicious food in your day-to-day life - regardless how busy you are. Have questions about how to get there? We have answers!

What diet are you following?

I do not follow any “diet” anymore as I had done for years in the past. My approach today combines the best (i.e., the most useful and sustainable) elements from various diet approaches and adapts them to my own unique needs and lifestyle. So I take a bit from Paleo, a little bit from low fat diet, Mediterranean and other programs.

What is the single most important element in your eating style?

Consistently eating healthy, home-made meals is the core principle. During my work week, most of my meals are planned ahead, home-cooked and very healthy.  However I do not eat perfectly all the time. That’s one of my “non-negotiables.”  I have a treat here and there to avoid the sense of crazy deprivation that is so common with the dieter’s mindset. Also, you can often make smart adjustments to desserts to make them much healthier but still delicious. On the website you will find many recipes for healthier versions of my favorite desserts and treats.

What do you mean by consistency?

Consistency is just doing (at least 90% of the time) what you planned to do. If you are consistent in any area you will achieve your goals much faster.  Eating healthy meals 90% of the time is all you need to achieve much better health and life quality. So if I eat in total 25 meals during a week that means I try to have at least 20 of them to be clean and healthy. I call these meals Compliant Meals.

What is a Compliant Meal?

It really comes down to 5 simple points:

1. Taste is number one priority. It always must taste great.

2. Include complex, lean proteins in every meal.

3. Include healthy fats in every meal.

4. Minimize added sugar.

5. Control carbohydrates intake – limit fast-burning carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes etc.) to workout days and focus on vegetables for healthy carbs on other days.

Do you have any formal background in cooking?

No, I do not have formal training in cooking (e.g., culinary school) – but have heavily self-trained over the last 5 years. I always liked food, and cooking was something that came somewhat naturally to me. But, as the saying goes, practice makes the master. When I started, I wanted to eat healthier but didn’t know how to cook a large variety of healthy meals.  After eating egg whites and broccoli for many months, I achieved great improvement in overall health…BUT there was one thing on my mind. How much longer can I go on like this? I couldn’t even look at chicken breast and broccoli without grimacing. Poor cooking skills was one of the limiting factors for me to eat healthier. It never occurred to me that healthy food could be really delicious, simple and not necessarily expensive. Over the years I’ve learned different cooking methods, making simple and unprocessed foods tasty, colorful and aromatic. Yes, colorful and aromatic because we are not only eating with our mouths but with eyes and noses as well.

What is the biggest challenge for people to eat consistently healthy, well-balanced meals?

Well, I really believe that it is different for many people. But if I had to chose one thing it would be cooking your own food. Preparing your own meals gives you total control over what you put into your body. Today it is extremely difficult to eat out healthy unless you can afford expensive restaurants and have unlimited time. Well that is not me. I know one thing for certain: when I prepare my meals, I do not have to focus on what the protein is or how much carbs I can have. I only need to focus on one thing – enjoying the meal. This is where I think most people face the biggest challenge. Somehow we decided to outsource cooking and meal prep to large corporations (also known as Food Inc.). Well it seems to me that is not working out so well for us consumers. Considering the obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease rates globally and other mostly self-inflicted health issues. That is what happened to me when I had a lifestyle of eating out and consuming processed foods all the time — and all that reversed and came back to normal after I started controlling my meals by simply preparing them myself.

How do you find time for cooking so many different meals?

Let me start with this: I DO NOT cook everyday. Instead, I plan. I plan specifically what kind of food I want and when it is the best time for me to prepare my meals.  The timing and my cooking technique may vary depending on how busy my schedule is for a given week. Sometimes I cook on Sundays and other weeks I prepare my meals by doing a Power Cooking (preparing multiple meals over weekend) once or twice a month. After that I do not really have to cook any more for a long time.  I have lots of ready-to-eat meals for those busier days when cooking is out of the question.

What is your preferred meal preparation strategy?

I am the type of person who likes to sleep more in the morning rather than wake up and start preparing food. So for me even breakfast is part of the food prep. And because I work a full time  job in Sales, time is the most important factor for me. By planning ahead I am able to prepare many meals in one efficient session. I use different food prep strategies ranging from weekend ‘Power Cooking’ sessions, which enables me to freeze many meals for later, to mini-cooking sessions during those weeks when it fits in my busy schedule. I also sometimes use an assembly line process for meal prep, combining ready-to-use frozen meal ingredients with fresh sides that include veggies, fruits and carbs. I always adjust the strategy to match available time – as we know, life can get crazy busy with calm periods in between. I’ve built a resilient home-cooked meal preparation system that enables me, in just 1 hour, to come up with many nutritious meals for me and my family for the whole week ahead. Doing that enables me to enjoy my free time during the busy week so I can focus on my family, staying active and relaxing – without sacrificing what my body needs to function properly.

For whom is Work Week Foodie?

Work Week Foodie is for anyone interested in shifting their eating habits towards better, healthier foods. But most of all, it’s for people not interested in diets that never really work long term. It is a great resource for busy people who work full-time jobs. It’s for people who don’t want to neglect their bodies and cannot afford to risk losing their health. You will find on this site stories of people whose lives were significantly changed for the better by Work Week Foodie. Give them a read by clicking here and maybe you will find something useful that will help inspire you. Work Week Foodie is here for you when you are ready to make the shift to a healthier, longer and more vibrant life.

Where do you find recipes and inspiration?

I find them everywhere. I follow a lot of food blogs, buy various cookbooks, watch different cooking channels. My top priority is to make my meals healthy-compliant and delicious. My meals are adjusted to my particular healthy plate requirements and lifestyle.

Why not just stick to a simple diet to achieve your goals?

Food is a very important element in my life. I love to eat, and dieting never worked for me over the long term. In fact, dieting is a fundamentally flawed concept, based on gimmicks and short-term deprivation. So instead of dieting, I decided to develop my cooking skills and build a scalable food preparation process that can be adjusted to my schedule. No matter how busy I get, I never have to give up eating well. But to do that long term, you have to have a system and a streamlined process. And this is where my experience comes in very handy.  Click here if you want to learn more – I am here to help you change your life.

Do you exercise regularly?

Absolutely! We have all been created to move and not sit all day long in the office. But life is life and today we may not have too much space for a choice. I spend in the office a major chunk of the day. And my job is a desk, physically passive one. Whenever I get a chance I stand up and go for a quick short walk. Exercise is movement, and movement is life. For me the structured movement aka exercise is a very important element of keeping in shape. But as with nutrition for exercise to work it must happen consistently. And for exercise to happen you have to have a plan in place. Just like with preparing food for work week. When consistent exercise is coupled with consistent optimal home made meals I guarantee you will feel in top shape and form, you will be much stronger and feel so much better.

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