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Meal Planning – Priority Number 1 at Work Week Foodie

Meal planning is important. Who does not get this? I see poor nutrition choices every day in the office, and when I talk to my office colleagues they all confirm: the value in meal planning is huge. So why do so few people (and I assume not only in my office) actually do meal planning and the prep needed for homemade meals? Well, as always, it is all about finding time in our already loaded schedules.

Reasons Why Meal Planning Makes Sense

While I may be counterintuitive, you will actually save time and money through meal planning.  More importantly, you will gain back your health and finally achieve the body you were always dreaming about. For a host of reasons, I can tell you that it does make a lot of sense and it will have a big impact on your life. Below are my reasons why meal planning should become your priority.  It’s your time for a fresh start. Let’s dive in.


1. Stop Overeating And Better Control Your Portion Size

In today’s fast paced world we often forget to eat when we need, and when we do sit down to the table,  it has become a ubiquitous practice to overeat. One meal, big portions and you find yourself in another overeating-office-coma situation. When I plan my meals, it is hard to overeat because I specifically choose appropriate meal boxes that by default control my portion size.  It also helps ensure that I eat frequently – before that point when my body gets excessively hungry and I lose all control (wanting to devour an entire pizza with a side of chips).


2. Make It Convenient. If It Is Not Easy You Won’t Make It

The process is very simple. Meal plan, grocery list and meal prep. That’s it. So forget wandering around the supermarket aisles, usually when you are hungry, throwing whatever to your cart. Make it simpler, more organized and then simply follow the plan. That way you will not overspend on unnecessary items during your grocery shopping.  Having such a plan is connected with the next point so keep reading my foodie friend.


3. Do You Hate Food Waste? Me too. Big Time!

Ad hoc cooking and shopping usually leads to buying rarely used items that stick in the kitchen forever. That is, until you throw them away. Having a meal plan in place basically takes care of this as you mostly will purchase the items you will need and use during the next cooking session. Once you have meal plan in place it is relatively easy if not effortless to repeat it weekly. I usually have most of my meals in the number of wild guess but 15-20 at most. So once you put this together it can be extremely ease to use the same lists based on your meal plan. Yes you will need to introduce more variety. which you can accomplish simply by adding 1-2 new meals into your meal plan periodically. But once they are in your plan, the process is the same. So no more food waste.


4. Change Unhealthy Habits To Healthy Habits, One Meal At a Time

When you are tired and hungry, nothing will stop you from reaching to whatever is around you, or going for a quick fast food fix. Instead, once you master the meal prep techniques, you can have all the hard work done in advance. And having a meal plan in place takes the thinking out of the process.  So when life happens, we all get busy, stuck, stressed and obviously hungry at the end of the day.  Having meal plan really puts things in order. It is not so much about knowing what the right protein or carbohydrate choices are, but rather making sure food is available when it is time to eat. And for that to work, having a meal plan in place really helps.


5. Control

For me personally, the biggest argument for meal planning, preparing and eating is the total control over what you really put into my body. People have really hard time staying fit and healthy when they rely solely on externally prepared meals. Look what happened when the US household gave up cooking and outsourced to the ‘Food Inc,’ corporate conglomerates. Those companies do not have your best interests in mind.  They want to tempt you to eat as much food as possible, and at the lowest cost of production – which means low quality ingredients and nutrition.  

To sum it up the moment I gave up the typical “diets” and started cooking my own meals, my body naturally figured things out, like portion control issues, cravings, energy levels – you name it. But the core foundation is that my approach to meal preparation and nutrition is well designed, adjusted to my individual life style, and easy to maintain.  I call it the Healthy Foodie System. It has worked miracles for me, and more importantly it has lasted for many years. I began this journey 5 years ago and I have never looked back.

No one is immune from nutrition and protection of health really happens on a plate. But for nutrition to work it must happen.  That’s ultimately up to you – but the Work Week Foodie system can help you quickly learn how.  Join me on this healthy journey – I can promise you will not regret it my friend!

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