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Success Stories

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Magda, Age 40

Contracts Manager

Professionally Contracts Management Specialist. Currently full-time mummy taking care of the newly born baby-girl. In the past struggling with being overweight permanently dieting with persistent yo-yo effects.

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Foodies Stories!

Read below about foodies from different paths of life about their unique challenges and successes in the healthy foodie department. Each one tells their story about the change, struggles and what it really takes to become a healthy foodie for life.

JoAnn, age 32


JoAnn is a rock-star in the sales department. Loves to dance and close the biggest deals. Has a very hectic life style and requires tons of energy for all the activities in her vibrant and very active life.

Miko, age 34

Business Development Manager

Miko is an energy volcano, true force of nature. When on duty he is developing and building business operations for a brand new start-up and after busy office hours very aggressively trains crossfit.

Mark, age 35


Hard-core vegetarian, dad of 2 cute kids, very active, eager snowboarder and biker.

Pedro, age 31

IT Sales and Business Development

Sales professional, avid kite-boarder, die-hard CrossFitter and trainer. Optimising my plate was the remaining and missing element on my rise to the top in my physical endeavours. And Arek's Work Week Foodie was the foundation of the amazing improvements I made in my nutrition.

Robert, age 46

Corporate HR Executive

A proud dad of two cute kids, professionally the best of breed HR Executive, an American living in Prague, a passionate runner with appetite for tasty and healthy meals.

Danny, age 33


A father of two beautiful kids. Working in a sales corporate environment. Over the years it has taken a toll on my previously very active lifestyle. Though a very active gym goer and passionate about fitness for years, at age of only 33 I found myself in a desperate need for a change of lifestyle.

Bob, age 47

Marketing Executive

I am a 47 year old healthcare Marketing Executive, husband, and father of two beautiful young children. I have a busy life with my work and lots of family activities.

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