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Success Story

Bob, Age 47

Marketing Executive

Why did you decide to change your life style?

I had been dissatisfied with my weight for many years but had not been able to make a sustainable change. Even though I was overweight, I still had enough energy to do most things and my health was ok. As I entered my mid-40s I found the weight catching up to me – found myself tired much of the time, not able to move as well, more aches and pains. Then I visited my doctor for my annual physical and his assessment confirmed I was heading in the wrong direction. My blood tests showed alarming increases in blood sugar, cholesterol and other markers of cardiovascular disease. He told me I had a window of opportunity where I could make changes and improve my health – and that if I did not take action I would be facing a lifetime of pills, poor health and disease. I decided it was high time to make a permanent lifestyle change for my sake and the sake of my family.

What expectations did you have before starting?

I expected that I would lose weight and get more fit overall. I was hoping that it would improve my cardiovascular health as well (e.g., as seen in blood tests).

What was your major limiting factor in achieving long term success?

The biggest limiting factor was that I did not have all the pieces of the puzzle to make a permanent change. I would try various diet or exercise programs for a little while but they never offered a realistic approach that I could incorporate into a long term lifestyle. I needed a balanced approach to diet and exercise that included all the mechanics of how to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as coaching support and accountability. Lacking those things, I tended to try a program for a little while and then give up and return to my old habits – and previous weight (or more).


The key to sustain long term healthy lifestyle for you?

I see multiple keys in sustaining a healthy lifestyle, including being clear on my long term motivation to stay healthy, keeping up a regular habit of cooking food so I always have a supply, and incorporating exercise into my regular routine in a balanced way.

The biggest accomplishment so far?

I am proud that I have achieved significant fat loss (25 pounds) during my first 3 months of the program, along with significant increases in energy and stamina. However, I am most proud (and amazed) that the changes I’ve made have already dramatically improved my health based on objective measures – including a 16 point drop in fasting blood glucose, bringing me out of the pre-diabetic range, and nearly a 100 point drop in my cholesterol, bringing my cholesterol into a very healthy range without any drugs. My blood pressure and resting heart rate have also dropped, so I can clearly see that my body is starting to heal itself even after just a few months of healthy behaviors.

Blood tests retouched

How did WorkWeekFoodie help you in your change?

Arek has been an amazing teacher and coach throughout this process and has given me the tools that I lacked in past attempts to make a change. First, he gave me the KNOWLEDGE of how to efficiently plan and prepare my own food so that I always have healthy meals available. The tools he provided through his website on healthy portions, power cooking, recipes, etc. were also enormously helpful in this area. Second, he gave me the STRUCTURE to incorporate healthy exercise routines into my daily life in a way that was fun and not overly time consuming. Finally, he gave me the ENCOURAGEMENT and MOTIVATION through individual coaching that helped me get started, then overcome challenges, then celebrate my successes. Arek’s knowledge about achieving health is second-to-none, his tools are essential and easy to use, and his enthusiasm and energy through the whole process are incredibly infectious.

Main lessons learnt during the program?

I have come to understand the importance of nutrition to all aspects of my life, and that I cannot rely on other people (like local restaurants) to make the food I need to sustain my health. I almost never cooked before I started working with Arek, but he has helped me learn step-by-step how to be efficient in the kitchen and make delicious, nutritious food for myself. I still have more to learn but I’m amazed how quickly I was able to transition to a ‘power cook’ so that I am able to enjoy my own home cooked meals. I used to eat out all the time and now I almost never eat out except for special occasions with friends and family.

What works best for you to keep in shape: food or exercise?

For me it’s really the balanced combination of healthy eating and regular exercise that does the trick. If I’m compliant with my meals, the exercise is able to do its job of making me stronger and more energetic, as well as change my body composition to more muscle and less fat.

The biggest takeaway from your WorkWeekFoodie coaching program?

I’ve been able to make a change with Arek that has eluded me for more than 25 years and I am profoundly grateful. I made fast and profound changes to my eating habits and lose significant weight without EVER feeling hungry or deprived. Arek, through extensive research and his own practice, understands deeply what it takes to be healthy. He has packaged all of those elements into a true end-to-end process that anyone can follow if they are committed to making the change.

What are you mostly proud of ?

It’s nice getting compliments from people about the changes in my body and I’m happy that my kids are proud of me for getting more healthy. But I’m most excited that I know this is a long term change that is going massively improve the quality of my life as I get older. Thank you Arek for making this possible!

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