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If it was that simple and only said ‘Sugar’ on a food label. But it isn’t. Since there are so many different types of sugar used on food labels I believe it makes sense to at least know some other names meaning simply sugar. So the sugar cubes you see on the photo is just one form we associate with sugar. Check out the rest.

Sugar and sweeteners types

Below a list of some of the most common other names for sugar and sweeteners. At the top the most refined products with the least processed at the bottom.

  1. corn syrup
  2. high-fructose corn syrup
  3. dextrose
  4. glucose
  5. fructose
  6. stevia (not a sugar, but a herb. It can, however, be a processed sweetener)
  7. brown sugar
  8. cane sugar
  9. sucrose
  10. molasses
  11. evaporated cane juice
  12. date sugar
  13. agave syrup
  14. brown rice syrup
  15. dried fruits and pastes
  16. honey (not used by some plant-based eaters)

How much sugar in a food simple formula


To better understand how much sugar is in a given food simply divide the number of sugar grams by 4. This will give you a number of sugar teaspoons. Why? Because 1 teaspoon is exactly 4 grams. Example: Soda can contains 44 grams of sugar. How many teaspoons of sugar is that? 44 grams divided by 4 (this is how many grams a teaspoon of sugar is) equals whopping 11 teaspoons of sugar. Imagine adding 11 teaspoons of sugar to your coffee or tea? Would you do that? Well probably not. Still feeling like having this candy from the vending machine?

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